The Exercise Tips You Should Stick To

Taking care of your body is part of the journey to being happy and successful. It has been proven that exercise eases stress, anxiety and depression. It can even decrease memory loss, improve self-esteem and prevent heart disease, so there really is no reason not to make it a priority.

5 tips that anyone can follow:

Fitness training leads you to be more efficient and productive. We all know it’s difficult to balance a full-time job with the rest of your life but finding time for exercise might actually help you conquer the rest of your to do list. So set your goals and make sure it’s a goal that is challenging to keep you motivated.

We understand that time is tight and precious. This is why at XYZ we aim to give you an intense workout in under an hour, so you need to come in ready to get focused, sweat and make your heart race.

Knowledge is power when it comes to this. With any physical activity there is always the risk of injury and 90 percent of injuries come from overuse or improper form. It’s good to know what the common injuries are for the exercise you do and then use strength training and correct form to prevent them. If you are unsure, just ask one of our instructors to help you out.

Fitness trackers can be effective to keep you motivated to hit your goals but don’t let a tracker change your mindset. If you’re feeling awesome after a workout that is a good sign. Any sort of exercise, sweat, or getting your heart rate up is a positive thing, and don’t let your tracker tell you different.

5 - BE YOU
If you want to move more and keep on moving more, it’s important you find something you actually enjoy doing. Just because everyone is doing one new type of exercise doesn't mean you have to be doing it. Try things but if you don’t like them, don’t force yourself to do it. Tap into what drives you and motivates you. 

Thank you for making XYZ part of you being you.

Posted Jul 9, 2016

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