Breakfast / morning ritual

I shoot out of bed and turn on the TV for the news. Meanwhile, making my morning smoothie containing all those veggie goodies using avocado and water as a base. I normally like to enjoy this in the garden if the weather permits, sky gazing and enjoying the suburbs' breezes. 

Workout outside of XYZ / morning stretch
I love the outdoors, so it varies from climbing, hiking, SUP and sometimes surfing with my sister. I’m also a little gym rat; I like to use strength and conditioning to maintain my overall fitness.

What’s your release?
Again it goes back to nature, spending time in the ocean, on top of a mountain, getting lost running... or even just a great movie with a big glass of RED.

Go-to power snack in the afternoon
Something sweet: Granola Bar, Acai Bowl. CAKE
Something savoury: Salmon and avocado rice cakes.

Evening wind down
I roll out my legs with some chilled out tunes and squeeze in some beauty routines here and there.

Favourite going out place
My fav restaurant is Fish School and I also love the cocktails and dessert over at Buenos Aires Polo Club. But above all, great company is the key, chilling with friends at any location is good.

Go-to power song
Recently, Fighter by Christina Aguilera; because of my last theme ride “Ladies Night”. however, but one song that I keep going back to is Kings Never Die by Eminem ft Gwen Stefani.

Favourite spin track
I love a sexy, heavy climb, but then I also go a bit crazy for sprints.

Favourite spin move
TAP THAT BOOTY BACK! And roll those shoulders.

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Posted Feb 12, 2017

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