Breakfast / morning ritual

I roll out of bed and straight onto the floor to do as many push-ups till exhaustion. I like to do it first thing to get it out the way, it's a full body exercise and it's a nice way for me to get the blood pumping and gauge how I’m feeling.

I enjoy taking a bath to start my day.  It gives me a moment while I’m still half-asleep to gather my thoughts and think about what I have on for the day.  While the bath is running I prepare my morning shake: protein, greens, fibre and a coffee substitute.  

Post bath it’s any morning emails or work before I head out and start my day.

Workout outside of XYZ / morning stretch
I am big fan of weightlifting.  I like having strength goals to assess where my fitness is.  I also like to fit in yoga sessions when I can to keep the balance, to have more body control and flexibility.  

Keeping up  my martial art skills by training in boxing and Muay Thai is important to me,  as both a stress release, but also because I often get action roles in films and it's useful to keep that skill up.

What’s your release?
I admit I love to be pampered.  I love a good spa, sauna, massage.  

Go-to power snack in the afternoon
Big fan of the double espresso.  

Evening wind down
Before bed is when I spend more time stretching and rolling out on my rumble roller.  It gets my many knots out, but also helps me unwind and reflect on my thoughts before going to sleep.

Favourite going out place
As a vegetarian I am always on the look out for good veggie spots.  But I’m a big fan of H.O.M.E in Central and Herbal Life in Causeway Bay.

Go-to power song
Rocky’s Eye of the Tiger still gets me going,  because I’ve trained to it for so many years and have a lot of memories attached to it.

But often when walking around the city, before a meeting or before a class, I listen to a lot of motivation videos and talks.

Favourite spin track
I have a love - hate relationship with quick jogs, especially when I really push the BPM and the duration of the song.  I keep the movements simple and try to zone out and keep the faster pace for the entire track. I find with sprints and heavy climbs you can push past any discomfort with an aggressive mindset.  But with the quick jogs, it requires a different kind of intensity; you need to find that pace, keep it, relax into the beat and don't give in.

Favourite spin move
I love the tap backs - it gets the abs, glutes and backs of the legs really involved.

Icing on the cake would of course be the tap back  and push-up.  I find it an amazing release, it's a full body movement, full body workout, and just gets everything going.   When it's combined with an awesome beat - nothing tops it!

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Posted Feb 26, 2017

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