3 Joey Fritz

Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, both physically and mentally, allows you to see who you are and what you want. With each step you take in The Cave alongside Joey, you will learn that you might be capable of more than you think- one fun, challenging, motivational pedal stroke at a time!


Born and raised in the United States, Joey is a national champion tennis player who is ready to transition from the court to The Cave. Tennis taught Joey many lessons, but one stands out: you will only win if you believe you can. Joey applies this attitude to everything he does – whether it was his moves to Mainland China and Hong Kong, his job as a Product Manager, or spinning at XYZ. He doesn’t say, “I think I can,” he says, “I know I can.” With fun, high-energy music, Joey loves to create an environment where everyone can ride, dance, and push each other to reach their full potential.


Let Excellence Be Your Brand


Daylight – Taylor Swift

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