10 Rachel Moon

Uncovering the best version of yourself requires 100% dedication, but you’ll never be alone on that journey. I’ll be right there with you — with driving beats, motivational words that inspire, and high intensity — every pedal stroke of the way.


Ever since my first dance class at age 6, I knew I was born to move. My intuition told me to follow my passion for dance, which led me to an international performing arts career — first as a ballerina, then as a producer and manager of stage productions across the globe. But my most rewarding moments on the stage have been inside The Cave. I’ve never felt more inspired and vibrant than when I’m leading a class of XYZ riders dedicated to creating real change in themselves.


“One step outside of your comfort zone is where the real journey begins.”


“Falling” - Haim (Duke Dumont remix)

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