13 Stephanie Reid

As soon as you clip into the bike, let any troubles melt away and focus on being happy. Enjoy the pop- and disco-inspired playlist and allow the music to energize your ride. It’s all about finding joy in movement and having fun!


Starting as a dancer and then later as an aerialist, my career in the performing arts has taken me to the far reaches of the globe and most recently has landed me in Hong Kong. Even though my performances nowadays have me suspended in mid-air — whether it’s on the aerial silks, hoop, trapeze, or hammock — there is always one constant that keeps me grounded: the stage.

My latest stage is inside The Cave. Unlike any other venue though, XYZ is truly unique; the real magic happens within the crowd of riders — not on the stage.


“Don’t sweat the small stuff — just shake it out!”


“Flashdance… What a Feeling” - Irene Cara

Listen to Stephanie’s playlist HERE