2 Ros Bures

You get what you give. Our goal is to get maximum results, so I expect you to give maximum effort. Expect high intensity, driving electronic beats, and a “no bulls#!t” approach.


My career in fitness began as a professional hockey player. The intense competition on the ice pushed the limits of my physical abilities beyond what I ever thought was possible, and I loved the game because of it. So when I later had to leave the sport, I was devastated.

Eventually, I found a new love — this time for road cycling. Indoor cycling at XYZ keeps my strength and endurance in top form for the open road, and when you add the music and nightclub-like atmosphere of The Cave, there is no other training program quite like it.


“Live in the moment, and push your limits each and every time.”


“It’s My Life” - Bon Jovi

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