13 Jessamy Woolley

I want you to set a goal for each ride, then allow the music to take control. You'll begin to feel empowered by the motivation and overflowing energy, and the beat will start connecting with your movement. As you begin to reach each goal you’ve set, your momentum will soon become unstoppable.


After a decade of working in the corporate world, I moved to Hong Kong, found XYZ, and haven't looked back since. I had already fallen in love with spinning whilst living in New York and always have loved music and movement. Combining the two inside The Cave made XYZ a perfect fit for me.

You can expect a wide array of music in my classes (including house, hip hop, dance, rock, and pop alternative) as long as it’s beat-driven. Add a layer of inspiration & motivation on top of that, and we’ve got the perfect 50-minute recipe to push us closer toward our goals.


"It’s better to try and fail (and try again!) than never to try at all."


"You’ve Got the Love” - Florence + The Machine

Listen to Jessamy’s playlist here