3 Jess Shih

Take a step into the Cave to tune out from the rest of your day and to tune in to your body and mind. We will have fun, while making strides together on our continuous journey of self-discovery and growth .Let the music be your inspiration and  your own goals be your motivation.


From a young age I loved music, taking part in different types of vocal performances such as choirs, musicals, and a cappella groups. Music moved me both physically and emotionally. Walking into the Cave for the first time when XYZ first opened, I knew I found a unique place where I could truly express myself. 

Now on the XYZ stage, although I am not vocally performing, new music is still being created in the harmonies made from being in sync with fellow riders.


"Now is the time to shape your stories."


"Kill The Lights" - Alex Newell & DJ Cassidy

Listen to Jess' playlist here