Meet Olivia Dawn, just 25 but already shaking up the music scene in Hong Kong with her energetic sets of live violin, husky vocals and melodic deep, grooving techno. One of the reasons she loves to work out at XYZ is the music, so we asked her "What is it that makes music so powerful?"

"Coming from a musical family, I was always encouraged to explore my talents. My mother was an opera singer and my brother a cellist. I have played the violin since the age of 5, which also lead on to the piano and singing. I have been DJing for the last 4 years. Music is emotion, and without music, our lives are silent. In a way, I feel like music is the soundtrack to my life. I can't think of any important scenario where I didn't have music playing in the background. There's always music that is associated with that moment. For me, music represents moments and each song reminds us of a particular moment.”

"You're able to use music to structure the way you think. You can isolate a moment, into a piece of music or a song and you can remember that feeling. Then you can capture that moment and reproduce it upon will. So basically if I have a really empowering list of songs that I know all represent moments of empowerment, I use that list to workout. Not just as a way to uplift myself and remind me of the powerful moments but also to time my workout. I know which song represents the halfway moment and then I know which is my almost done song, so I can power on through... I'm almost there, I'm almost there.”

"Music can be a good distraction in a workout. I train for marathons with the Nike running team as one of their digital influencers. I've tried running silent and then with music, and it completely changed my mentality about running. I found that through music, I can numb myself from the feeling of tiredness or the pain in my legs as my focus is on the music. So I don't think about how I'm suffering, I just feel the emotional push from the music. I also run to the beat of the music, so I often find that when I have music I keep a more consistent pace. For me, this is also why XYZ is so powerful, as the music in class keeps pushing you through, you don't realise until you're done how hard you pushed yourself.

"For me definitely Electronic music, as it has a consistent beat. I need something that is really driving. A lot of people like to feel intense emotion and that drives them to work out, but for me, I need intense calm. If I'm too emotional, I can't focus. Like in a rave you go to feel intense emotion, but it can become too much. I need to be driven but in a very focused, calm way"

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Posted Apr 27, 2018

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