“Its usually easier to tell someone to do something, than actually doing it yourself.”

I used to love sports at school, always being part of sports teams. I began dating and soon after my body weight rose to 110 kgs. I was happily in love but barely made time to workout. I had low self-esteem, and barely went out to socialise or catch up with friends because I didn’t feel comfortable with the way I looked. I fondly remember having to go suit shopping as I had to conduct a formal presentation at University. At that time, my wardrobe only consisted of two torn jumpers, two t-shirts that barely fit, two baggy pairs of shorts and flip-flops that I wore everyday. I remember trying on the suit and my first thought was that I would only wear this once, and this is it. 

Returning to Hong Kong to spend my summer break for two months changed my routine drastically. I still remember clearly my first XYZ experience and surprisingly it was so satisfying as I received so many support from people, including peers, instructors and even the staff! Inside the dark studio, I recall Ada mentioning about using mental power to take control over our body and overcome any struggles that hold us back. It was that moment that I knew a change was needed for myself and ever since then I managed to take some time to workout a bit everyday and started to build up a new lifestyle.

After returning back to Australia to finish off my final semester of studies, I reached out to a friend who was a Personal Trainer. He set up a three-month plan for me and guaranteed results, provided I stuck with the plan, showing dedication and commitment. Of course there were sacrifices; my diet changed completely and I was swapping burgers for whole grains, greasy fried food for water-boiled chicken breast and loads of greens just to keep myself full but it was worth it. I saw the progress and gained more confidence. There were friends whom I met up with months after and there’s a lot of satisfaction when they made remarks like “We didn’t think you could actually lose weight or find the motivation to do so”. They were surprised at what I could do, and to be honest, I was too. 

Nowadays, I have higher expectations of myself. I am constantly challenging myself and hopefully reaching for something higher. I manage to keep 2-3 spinning sessions per week  after moving back to HK; I personally love the morning sessions because it wakes me up and frees up the rest of the day for work and other priorities. Incorporating spin with gym and weight training really makes a difference. 

I guess my priorities have changed now. Loving and building myself comes first. I truly enjoy my journey here at XYZ and i would like to thank everyone who have supported me on the way, it means a lot and gave me that extra push.

Posted Aug 17, 2019

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