I have been riding at XYZ for one year and a half and for me it has been a lifeline, a new beginning, a way to become more conscious. 

To begin my journey we should go back to Europe where my "love" for spin was ignited. However, this love wasn't the good kind as it became toxic in my life. Having recently recovered from an eating disorder, I channelled my energy into spinning but what I was really doing was replacing one obsession for another. Exchanging one control for another. I thought I was building my strength back up but in reality, I was weakening myself, letting spin control my life. When I left Europe, I left my spinning days behind. 

Faced with another emotional period in my life, driven by a relationship break up. I found my old habits taking over again and found myself back on the bike. Starting off with the 2-week trial, this really enabled me to allow spin to re-enter my life in a controlling way. I decided I needed to get out of town...

When I came back to Hong Kong, I had a light bulb moment. I decided this time around spin would strengthen me, and not weaken me.  This time around it would be a positive experience. This time I heard it, felt it, saw it and embraced it. I started spinning with a conscious mind.

Yoga has always been my go-to exercise, a practice that is driven from my within. But I was empty inside and  In need of something from the outside to rebuild my within.  I wanted to be a part of something, to feel something from the outside and not have to create something from the inside. 

This is why the diversity of the trainers at XYZ was everything to me. Each one of them delivered a different shot of coffee. I know who to go to to get what I need. It's more than just a workout. I love to sweat, but every class I'm sweating my heart out, not just my physical self. 50 minutes to just deal with your stuff, in the dark with loud music. This is why I love the morning classes. I get to focus on me before the day takes over. 

When I started to find my routine and had my favourite classes, it was comforting to see the same people at each ride. Maybe I didn't speak to all of them but they were there, I felt I was a part of something. 

I have been able to return to my Yoga with a fuller heart and a more grounded me and this is thanks to spin. XYZ has allowed me to work through my stresses in a positive way. I now realise that the control is within me as opposed to allowing emotions to control me.


Posted Nov 10, 2018

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