A door that opened on a floor I never knew existed, opened my life up to something that was more than just a cardio workout. It was a whole new community.

Leaving work one day, which happens to be in the same building as XYZ, the doors opened on the 2nd floor. I was intrigued by what I saw and decided to check out what was there. All it took was one class followed by the two-week trial pass and I was hooked! Cardio has always been a struggle for me but in the Cave driven by the lights, music, and inspiring instructors everything fell into place. The energy was infectious. However, it took an unexpected turn of events for me to fully appreciate the community at XYZ and how it wasn't just about the workout. That unexpected turn of event was a brain aneurysm. 

After years of running and rugby which left me with constant knee issues, I was scheduled to have knee replacement surgery. During the pre-surgery checks, I opted for a full MRI, instead of just one for the knee. Why? I don't know. But that why potentially saved my life, as lurking in the background was my brain aneurysm. I didn't even know what an aneurysm was! FYI, It's a weakening, a bulge of the blood vessels. Sitting there in shock with this news reeling through my mind, I thought to myself you can go your whole life exercising, eating well but you just never know!

The surgery was actually pretty fast, just 3 hours and little recovery time was needed to get back to "normal life". However I no longer was the rider or fitness buff,  I was before. I had to accept that I needed to rebuild. This was where the community at XYZ played an enormous part in my road to recovery. In the Cave I'm not competing with anyone, nor are they competing with me. I was surrounded by people who supported and motivated me, took the time to check in on me and didn't question if I was riding back row. This meant I felt ok with having to restart as no-one was judging me. I was not only supported by the riders but also by the bike. Post-surgery complications had left me with a lack of grip in my right hand but being clipped into the bike I felt safe. 

Once I was clipped in and the music started I was also able to immerse myself in the ride and allow my problems, complications, pain, stress and worries to drift away even if only for the 50 minutes of class. It was my escape and my recovery in one. 

Now I'm feeling stronger with every ride. I'm able to start lifting weights again as I regain full control of my right hand and I'm thankful that I can get back to living my life fully.

Jonathan has been riding with us for over 2 years and has done over 500 rides. Originally from Australia but living and working in Asia for many years, we want to thank him and you all for being part of the XYZ family. 

Favourite move on the bike - Tap Back
Favourite class - Can't decide. I love Born to Move and Grow Young

Posted Aug 3, 2018

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