A casual conversation, driven by a person's passion, that led to a 13-year-old goal being completed. Sometimes we can be unaware of how impactful and inspiring our words can be to someone else.

An innocent conversation between the founder of XYZ Belinda Koo and Lucinda an XYZ rider pushed Belinda to take a step that she had been procrastinating about for 13 years. 

Lucinda has always been brought up around sailing and has made it a part of her family life as well. "It's important to have something the family can do together," said Lucinda. For Belinda, it is something that has sat on her bucket list for almost 13 years, after watching a UBS sailing team video. "The video gave me goosebumps and I knew sailing was something I wanted to do" said Belinda. "I had enrolled twice in the course over the last 13 years but both times found excuses as to why I couldn't do it. When the real reason behind it was  I just wasn't ready to commit to what I knew was going to be a difficult course." 

So what did it take for Belinda to finally enrol for the 3rd time and complete her level 1&2 sailing certificate? The power of someone else's words. Lucinda may have felt like she was just chatting about something she loves and explaining how the course is difficult yet rewarding but her words motivated Belinda to finally say to herself "Yes I can do this".

The key is to think about motivation as the desired outcome for completing a procrastinated action. In other words, motivation is the last step, not the first. But, remember,  there is a misconception that motivation is the reason for taking action. The truth of the matter is that motivation is the result of action, not its cause. You feel motivated as you have decided to take action. 

We give thanks to the XYZ community for creating a space that allows inspiration to flow, dreams to be desired, goals to be smashed and friendships to be forged, whether that's on a bike, a boat or whatever vessel you choose to advance in in your life. 

Posted Jul 6, 2018

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