Surrender Day Full Schedule

Surrender Day is coming up! Check out the schedule and class descriptions below and plan your day ahead! Remember that each account can only reserve 1 spot per class, so if you plan on joining with friends or family, please organize with them. However, you may join as many different classes as you would like. Only book classes that you are fully committed to attending so that everybody has a fair chance!


Opening Ceremony


Family Yoga (Children aged 6-12) - Siena

Join this session with your children and find new ways of connecting through movement and being playful.


Contemporary Dance - Yonex & Debbie

Combining the fluidity of contemporary dance and grace of contortion art, this class offers contemporary flow routines with basic movement and flexibility skills. Beginner- friendly!


Sweat 2 the Beat - Gigi

Are you ready to rise to the challenge in this high-intensity strength and conditioning class? Move to the beat of the music, with minimal equipment, give yourself all you got!


Breathwork & Meditation - Tara

A session consisting of releasing movement, simple breathing techniques and a guided meditation. Helping you drop into your body, quiet a busy mind, leaving you with a sense of clarity and calm.


Family Yoga (Children aged 4-6) - Ankie

A fun, lighthearted and storytelling family yoga class for kids and their parents. Find a new way of bond with your children.


Pre-natal - Tara

Moving through a gentle and nurturing flow, an opportunity to connect in with your breath, your body and your baby.

How to XYZ - Gigi

Short & quick tutorial on how to set up your bike, learning the basics about indoor rhythm cycling, while establishing the mind-body connection.


Ballroom Dance - Sam

Come and learn some solo basic steps in the dance Rumba, give it a try with some beautiful Spanish ballads and discover your inner world.


SPACE Ride - Ros

Get lost in the world of lights moving through the imaginary space to the rhythm of Uplifting Dance Music

Hypnosis - Grace

Gather your courage and surrender to who you truly are. Dare to be outrageous, set yourself free, and become who you were meant to be all along. Reconnect with the seeds of your true self, and allow back an abundance of raw, soul energy into your life. Dwell into your own space and go deep with a guided meditation led by Grace.


Somatic Movements - Alex

Movement somatics is an authentic body of work where art intersects with mindfulness & creative movement. A multidisciplinary concept that draws inspiration from martial arts, contemporary dance, Capoeira & somatic movement. The physical practice serves as a road map to cultivating and reconnecting us with the natural intelligence of our bodies & as a key to unlocking the secrets to creative expression & play.


Youth Ride - Ros

We'd like to encourage the youth of HK to come and try something new, something exciting, to learn more about themselves & challenge their bodies to the rhythm of the music, to experience the art of self-empowerment & building self-confidence.

Womb Healing - Sushma

The womb is like a sponge that absorbs the energy of past and current lovers, repressed emotions, birthing trauma, as well as any impact of abortions and miscarriages. Since the womb is a vortex of creation it is vital to clear out past energetic residue and restore its potent manifestation abilities. In this group womb healing session, you will clear your womb of any past holding, trauma or wounds while grounding and being held in the unconditional love, power and creation of the Divine Feminine.


Prep Like a Gymnast - Kelvin

Gymnasts are considered among the most flexible and the strongest, pound for pound, of all the Olympic athletes. This class is functional and focuses on mobility, core strength and body control. You will explore the physical preparation and fundamental movement in gymnastics training.


SHIFT - Belinda

An introspective spin with specially curated spiritual electronic music and affirmative content to receive and gain clarity of our emotional blocks.


Closing Ceremony

Other Stations

11am-3pm Essential Oil*

11am-3pm Crystal*

1-3pm Handpand + Guitar Jam

*Part of the proceeds from crystal and essential oil sales will be donated to further support our cause.