XYZ Classes

The vital thing to know about an XYZ class is it feels different, very different. It’s a world away from the traditional sports performance model served up by gyms. We are a club with a club feeling. We focus on pleasure, not pain. We know that fun motivates faster than fear. We stimulate your senses in mysterious ways.

GROW YOUNG - Own the ride, whatever your level, in 50 minutes of GROW YOUNG. Your mission is strength. Build stamina, not speed. Your confidence grows as you master your energy, a force of nature powering through barriers.

BORN TO MOVE - A 50-minute class for the ultimate cardio challenge. Ride the intensity and prepare to meet a fiercer, stronger you.

Each class casts its own addictive spell. Each instructor has a magical way of helping you to summon the superhero within. The one thing that all the classes have in common is a cardio-intensive, calorie-burning, full-body conditioning workout with weights if you want to tone that upper body too.

Come into our cave.
Take a class.
Be a part of something bigger than yourself.