XYZ Protocol

Everyone at XYZ abides by a code of conduct. It helps you prepare your mind and body for what is to come. It helps us run a slick operation based on some simple ground rules of courtesy and common sense.

    Give yourself at least an hour to digest food, otherwise, it could lead to stomach cramps.
    Arrive before the class start time to set up your bike. Latecomers will not be admitted. Late cancellations (less than 12 hours before class) and no-shows will result in the ride being deducted from your account.
  3. I will park the mobile
    Smart phones control our lives. Leave it in your locker. Let your brain breathe. If you are a medic or your child is ill, hand your phone to front of house.
  4. I will stretch
    Warm up with some gentle stretches to slip into the rhythm quicker. Cool down with some stretches as well to prevent stiffness later in the day.
  5. I will wear clean kit
    Fresh kit affects our starting pace. Get off to a flyer. Do your laundry and keep the odor out.
  6. I will wear the correct clothing
    For the lower body, form fitting exercise clothing especially padded cycling shorts are recommended for spinning, we also have gel seats in the studio for your comfort.
  7. I will drink slowly
    We rehydrate best with small sips of water. If you gulp too fast or too much, it won’t stay down.
  8. I will focus in class
    I will focus in class. Vocal interaction is great, we love to feel the energy from you, but lets stay vocal about the class, not what you're having for dinner.
  9. I will blend in like a spy
    The front row dictates the mood. If you want to ease off the pace, stay anonymous. Take a bike near the back.
  10. I will help bond the squad
    Energy is infectious. The more good vibes you give out, the more you get back.