Just like the signature symbol of Yin Yang, there is a bit of the Yin in Yang, and a bit of the Yang in Yin. They are not pushing each other away, but rather fusing together. We each have our Yin and Yang side, and it is through exploring everything we are that we find harmony in these opposite forces.

This month-long challenge encourages you to find your true potential, be more balanced, and find your range through our offerings. If you've been looking for a reason to embrace everything you are, to relax and recharge from the hustle and bustle of this city, the #BeYinYang challenge is for you!

Explore everything you are through our different classes, engage everything you are during the class, and celebrate everything you are with us! You will be surprised by what you can achieve at the end of this challenge!

AND UNTIL Thursday 4 August 2022, you can enjoy our special #BeYinYang series:

20-class series at $6000 (expiry date: 31 August 2022)


Participants who return a completed stamp card will qualify to enter the lucky draw for a chance to win amazing prizes.

  • The challenge will commence on 1 August 2022 and finish on 31 August 2022.
  • You are allowed to earn a maximum of two stamps each day.
  • Return the stamp card by 31 August 2022 to join our celebration party in September, where we will draw the winners on site.


  • Grab a stamp card at the front desk
  • Attend 20 classes as specified below, and ask for a stamp at the end of the class (either from the instructor or front desk staff)
  • Attend FOUR classes at COCOON
  • Attend ONE extra MOMM class
  • Attend ONE extra RECONNECT class
  • Attend FIVE classes at CAVE
  • Attend FIVE classes at MYCELIUM
  • Take a post-sweat group photo with the whole class, and tag @youarexyz
  • Bring an XYZ newbie* to COCOON
  • Bring an XYZ newbie* to CAVE
  • Bring an XYZ newbie* to MYCELIUM

*XYZ newbie: people who have never been to XYZ for any classes before. Book an extra spot for your friend using your existing series and email: info@youarexyz.com, or WhatsApp us at https://wa.me/28650999 with the details (date, time, class, friend’s name and registered email)

  • Return the stamp card to our front desk staff by 31 August 2022 to join our celebration party in September, where we will draw the winners. Please stay tuned for more details about the party!


Number of winners



25-class series


1 private class at Cave (34 people)


1 private class at Mycelium (20 people)


1 private class at Cocoon (25 people)


3-class pass + 1 shoe bag + 1 water bottle


3-class pass + 1 water bottle + 1 XYZ journal + pens