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Lost Time(只提供英文版本)

Belinda Koo


Forgiveness is key in experiencing freedom. When you feel hatred, anger or resentment to another person the intended impact can actually backfire and make you feel more miserable. Learn to forgive so you have more time to focus.


We lose countless hours doing this to ourselves. Trying to decode what a text message meant and whether a comment meant something else. This is all a waste of time, if you are unsure about someone’s intention ask them.

A Fear of Change

Change is actually the only constant thing in our lives, so embrace it or at least find a way to be ok with it.


Simplicity is heaven. A cluttered space means a cluttered mind. Surround yourself with a space that reflects how you want to feel. Do you really want to feel like things are piled up and don’t have a place?


You have no idea what is actually going on in other people’s lives. You may look at someone and envy their financial success but have no idea that they are struggling in their marriage. Stay busy appreciating your own good fortune and being grateful for the positives in yourself.

A scattered focus

Often it’s not your time that is short but your focus. Realise what you need to say “no” to. Do you need to be on social media at 11am in the morning or are there important tasks to be focused on. Try setting boundaries. Focus on one thing for an hour and then give yourself 10 minutes to daydream.


People who live full and productive lives push themselves on purpose. They are aware that stretching personal boundaries can be rewarding and fun. Never forget that learning doesn’t stop when you leave school.


The best way to do something, is simply to just do it. Instead of dwelling on what could go wrong or on how to do something, just simply start doing. You’ll be further ahead than if you never started.