Fitness Stretch 3 1200


Stretch Series 3(只提供英文版本)

Cataline Wen

The lumbar stretch

Third in a series of specially designed stretches from Motion Dynamics.

Seated on the bike, have both hands interlaced behind the head with elbows wide. Rotate the trunk fully to the left side with around 45 degrees of trunk rotation. The right side obliques are then contracted so that the right elbow drops in between the legs. or towards the centre of the handle bar. Hold the stretch at the end of range for 2 seconds and then return back to the start position. You will feel a stretch in the lower left lumbar quadrant where the ribs meet the lumbar spine and where the muscles attach on the crest of the left hip.

Repeat this trunk rotation 10 times on each side.

Should you experience any irritation or discomfort in the lower back when performing this movement reduce the rotation and reduce the range of spinal flexion. The lumbar region is usually very compacted and compressed due to excessive sitting and weakness of the lumbar erector muscles. It is essential to lengthen the restrictions and resistance first before stabilising and strengthening the lower back. The lumbar spine should allow a 5-10 degree extension and a 130 degree spinal flexion as well as 15 to 20 degree spinal rotation.

This stretching exercise is ideal to warm up and warm down this highly sensory region of your back which needs movement, motion and lubrication to work at its optimal best

Tip: The more you engage the abdominal muscles, the more protection you will have in your lower back when flexing the spine.


If you want to find out more about this stretch or how you can better give back to your body, check out MOTION DYNAMICS or reach out directly should you need any further information to Chris Watts.