Jerrard Carabio

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Embodying both masculine and feminine vibes, Jerrard celebrates the power of rock and EDM while also embracing the grace and beauty of pop music. His classes are a transformative journey where riders can connect with their inner strength and vulnerability, pushing beyond their limits and embracing their authentic selves.

About Jerrard

His career path has been a diverse and exciting journey, taking him from being a bartender to a chef and eventually to an XYZ front desk agent. Throughout his various roles, he always had a passion for fitness, which he pursued on the side. However, it was when he discovered spin and mindfulness in XYZ that he truly felt a sense of belonging. It was in the world of spin that he found his calling, where he could combine his love for fitness with his desire to be true to himself.

Perception is reality.

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Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj

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