We go below, to find the connection to earth, to life and to each other. We discover a sense of oneness, becoming a mere wave in a mighty ocean. Classes are functional with skills and focus on body alignment.

XYZ Mycelium Functional Yoga HIIT Cardio Dance Sweat2thebeat

Class types

Core & Inversions

ALL Levels

Building better body awareness and coordination with a great focus on strengthening the core. Stay open-minded as we play around with different inversions.

#Energising #Empowering #Focus



A yoga class to reboot the body in different twists and bends to stimulate organs and the lymphatic system. Be prepared to sweat!

#Sweaty #Release #Detoxifying


all levels

Train with a focus on all aspects of fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, agility, reaction, coordination and balance. All fitness levels are welcome as we push beyond our limits.

#Fun #Dynamic #Strengthening


all levels

Using low impact and medium intensity with focus on time under tension and proper range of motion. The sequence of exercises are designed to work the whole body.

#Engaging #Toning #Precision

Sweat 2 the Beat

all levels

A high-intensity strength and conditioning class. Move to the beat of the music with minimal equipment and give yourself all you got!

#Powerful #Strong #Euphoric

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