We go below, to find the connection to earth, to life and to each other. We discover a sense of oneness, becoming a mere wave in a mighty ocean. Classes are functional with skills and focus on body alignment.

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all levels

Unleash your strength in XYZ Build, our empowering class. Designed to challenge body and mind, this dynamic weights-based session will sculpt your muscles and sharpen your focus. Lift, press, and squat to the beat, growing stronger and more empowered. Let the energetic atmosphere inspire you to reach new heights of strength.

#Dynamic #Uplifting #Sculpting

Build: Bootcamp

All levels

Unleash your full potential with our transformative 50-minute low-impact strength class, meticulously designed to sculpt your glutes, fortify your core, and carve definition into your upper body. This isn't just a workout—it's a personalised journey crafted for people, who are hungry to elevate their fitness game.

#Power #Transformative #Elevate


all levels

Ignite your fire with XYZ Burn. Push your limits, build strength, and increase endurance. This dynamic workout combines resistance bands, ankle weights, and ab sliders for innovative challenges. Move to the beat, sync breath with movement, and push past your limits, feeling the burn.

#Strength #Mobility #Endurance

Burn: Core & Cardio

ALL Levels

This class is where core-strengthening moves, and HIIT intervals come together for a fitness experience that push your limits, enhance endurance, and sculpt your core muscles for a stronger, leaner you.

#Sculpting #Strengthening #Sweaty


High-intensity Lower Body Workout

Get ready to transform your glutes with a dynamic blend of exercises and rhythmic movements that lift, tone, and sculpt your booty. This class will not only transform your lower body through compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and lunges but also challenge your mind-body connection. Unleash the power of your glutes!

#Energetic #Transformative #Empowering

Contortion & flexibility

All levels

Despite the seemingly intimidating perception of contortion, everyone can practice this art form in their own way. This class aims to introduce the basic techniques used in contortion training, along with strength conditioning exercises. Students can challenge themselves and practice in a safe environment with proper guidance.

#Flexibility #Depth #Control


all levels

A mobility class is a specialised training program that focuses on improving flexibility, strength, coordination, and overall movement abilities. It includes exercises, stretches, and movements targeting different muscle groups and joints to enhance range of motion, joint mobility, and functional movement. These classes are beneficial for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, helping to prevent injuries, improve performance, and promote overall physical well-being.

#Functional #Coordination #Control

Warm Deep Yin

all levels

Practicing a Warm Deep Yin class offers benefits such as increased flexibility, stress relief, improved circulation, enhanced range of motion, mind-body connection, deep relaxation, increased self-awareness, and complementing other forms of exercise.

#Open #Interospective #Stretchy

Warm Flow

all levels

A Warm Flow class is a dynamic yoga practice in a heated room. It involves fluid movements synchronized with the breath, promoting flexibility, strength, and mental focus.

#Dynamic #Fluid #Free

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