We go below, to find the connection to earth, to life and to each other. We discover a sense of oneness, becoming a mere wave in a mighty ocean. Classes are functional with skills and focus on body alignment.


Class types

XYZ Core & Handbalance

Explore basic gymnastics skills to build better body awareness and coordination with a great deal of focus on strengthening the core. Be prepared to feel your own weight against gravity.


Train with focus on all aspects of fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, agility, reaction, coordination and balance. All fitness levels are welcome as we push beyond our limits.

XYZ Cardio Dance

An easy-to-follow dance workout with pop music. Have fun sweating as we dance synchronised to the beat.

XYZ Pilates

A mat based workout that focuses on proper alignment with an emphasis on core strength and breathing. Designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhance mental awareness.

XYZ Yoga Inversions

Stabilising and strengthening postures are practised as a way to prepare the mind and body for going upside down. The goal of inversions are to improve flexibility, circulation and increase your energy.

XYZ Yoga Alignment

A Hatha-based class where we work on alignment, strength and body awareness.

XYZ Yoga Strength

A practice that awakens and tones the body through a sequence of strengthening poses.

XYZ Yoga Flow

A vinyasa-based class and a chance to drop into the body by moving the body along with the breath. We focus on fluidity and motion while getting a great sweat going building strength, stability and flexibility.

XYZ Yoga Flexibility

This class introduce the basic techniques used in contortion training, along with strength conditioning exercises. Students can challenge their flexibility and practice in a safe environment with proper guidance.

XYZ Yoga Foundations

We lay the foundation for your practice, focusing on introducing the basic concepts and postures in the yogic tradition. Whether you are completely new or have done some yoga before you will feel confident joining any yoga class afterwards with a deeper understanding.

Sweat 2 the Beat

A high-intensity strength and conditioning class. Move to the beat of the music with minimal equipment and give yourself all you got!

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