We go beyond, past the finality of death to the freedom of rebirth. We enter a new world of potential and possibility, dissolving the past to make room for the future.

XYZ Cocoon - Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, contortion

Class types

Back Care Yoga

all levels

Back Care yoga sessions alleviate pain, enhance back strength, and improve spinal flexibility. Tailored for relief without overwhelming intensity. Experience improved backbends and increased range of motion. Embark on a journey towards a healthier and resilient spine.

#Relief #Resilience #Strengthening

Core & Inversion

all levels

Designed to help you build better body awareness and coordination with a strong focus on strengthening your core. This class will take you through a series of exercises aimed at improving your posture, balance, and stability. We'll explore various inversions, such as headstands, handstands, and forearm stands, to challenge your body and mind in new ways. Inversions can improve circulation, increase strength and flexibility, and boost your mood by releasing endorphins. This class is suitable for all levels, but be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

#Energising #Empowering #Focus

Deep Yin

all levels

We go deep into the bodily tissues. Holding each pose for 2-5 minutes, focuses on increasing mobility and relieving tightness.

#Open #Stretchy #Introspective


all levels

A Vinyasa-based practice where you get the chance to drop into the body by moving the body along with the breath. We focus on fluidity and motion while getting a great sweat going and to build strength, stability and flexibility.

#Fluid #Free #Dynamic



A Hatha-based class where we work on alignment, strength and body awareness.

#Connected #Disciplined #Engaging


beginner friendly

A slow-paced class and a chance for you to unplug, to restore your mind and body.

#Relaxing #Peaceful #Grounding


A journey through deep relaxation and meditation with the healing sound and vibration of crystal singing bowls.

#Rejuvenating #Calm #Blissful

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