We go beyond, past the finality of death to the freedom of rebirth. We enter a new world of potential and possibility, dissolving the past to make room for the future.

XYZ Cocoon - Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, contortion

Class types

XYZ Mindful Flow

all levels

Our signature flow. Get lost in a meditative sequence where there is no right or wrong. Created for you to feel your body and your inner world. We focus on seamless transitions and a sense of lightness as we move.

XYZ Mindful Flow (Level 2)


Our signature flow with opportunities to take more advanced options. Recommended for people who already have some yoga experience.

XYZ Deep Yin

all levels

We go deep into the connective tissues. Holding each pose for 2-5 mins, focusing on increasing mobility and relieving tightness.

XYZ Detox Flow


A flow to reboot the body in different twists and bends in order to stimulate organs and the lymphatic system.

XYZ Restore

beginner friendly

A slow-paced class and a chance for you to unplug, to restore mind and body.

XYZ Yin Yang

beginner friendly

A balanced practice working both strength and flexibility. The sweet spot between push and surrender.

XYZ Movement

all levels

Movement is for everyone. Stretch to strengthen, lengthen and expend our body and mind with a touch of dynamic stretch, yoga, taichi and even pilates.

XYZ Sound Healing


A journey through deep relaxation and meditation with the healing sound and vibration of crystal singing bowls.

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