We go beyond, past the finality of death to the freedom of rebirth. We enter a new world of potential and possibility, dissolving the past to make room for the future.

XYZ Cocoon - Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, contortion

Class types

Deep Yin

all levels

We go deep into the bodily tissues. Holding each pose for 2-5 minutes, focuses on increasing mobility and relieving tightness.

#Open #Stretchy #Introspective


all levels

A Vinyasa-based practice where you get the chance to drop into the body by moving the body along with the breath. We focus on fluidity and motion while getting a great sweat going and to build strength, stability and flexibility.

#Fluid #Free #Dynamic


all levels

A Hatha-based class where we work on alignment, strength and body awareness.

#Connected #Disciplined #Engaging


beginner friendly

A slow-paced class and a chance for you to unplug, to restore your mind and body.

#Relaxing #Peaceful #Grounding

Sound Healing


A journey through deep relaxation and meditation with the healing sound and vibration of crystal singing bowls.

#Rejuvenating #Calm #Blissful

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