Tori Katongo

Tori Final 3

In Tori’s class, you can expect to be motivated and encouraged to push through physical and mental barriers by unlocking your mind, body and soul connection. Tori believes that in order to reach your greatest potential, you must manifest, demand and challenge your body to strive for change. No matter where you are physically, her goal for you is to finish class feeling inspired, aligned and revived.

About Tori

Tori’s innate passion for fitness challenges her athletes to push past their boundaries. From a young age, Tori has always had a love for sports, dance, singing and theatre and grew up developing each talent and passion through various creative outlets, which later continued on to her finding herself fully immersed in fitness as a career and way of life. In the world of fitness, Tori found a place where she could combine and express her deepest passions through one avenue. Becoming a personal trainer and group fitness coach Tori has found a freedom of expression, acceptance and a new route through which she continues to elevate her natural talents and love for fitness.