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It just freaks me out

Cataline Wen


- The heart starts to beat faster to get more blood to the body
- Our muscles receive more blood, becoming tense so we can spring into action
- We breathe more to allow more oxygen to get around the body
- Blood clots more easily, so if we are injured we can heal better
- The pupils dilate to allow us to take in more information
- Adrenaline kicks in so we can focus on the dangers, making you forget everything else
- We get a little sweaty to cool ourselves down, as with all these thoughts we start to overheat

Bruno - “Snakes, can’t stand them… I mean they have scales and a poisonous bite, not to mention they can eat things as big as dogs and people.”

Ada - “If you ever see a dead bird on the ground, don’t let me see it. I can’t deal!”

Rachel - “Ok, This is going to sound odd but people blowing raspberries really freaks me out. I mean literally it makes me feel queasy.”

Jessamy - “Bone cracking for no reason. That’s rough.”

Steph - “Spiders!! When I was little, I covered myself in all of my teddy’s and a huge spider came crawling out!!! I jumped so fast, the teddys went everywhere and the spider was gone.”

Joe - “People who wear Crocs…. I mean why! But i’ll still let you ride my class?!”

Angie - “Heights….just because.”

Jess - “Mozzies buzzing around your head at night.”

Rhiannon - “Edward hiding in our apartment and jumping out at me. I mean he gets me every time.”

Aparna - “It won’t stop me from hiking but when snakes come at you from nowhere, that freaks me out. I had an encounter still haunts me!”

Nick - “Nothing scares me apart from Ros’s 6 pack. Now that’s freaky!”