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Sense of Smell


The sense of smell is one of the most powerful links to memories. It triggers emotions that bring back happy and sad memories from various walks of life. From a young age, Joanne’s daughter had severe eczema. As a mother, you go through all measures to find a solution for your child. She tried chinese medicine, western medicine, anything that you can digest or rub onto your body. Her daughter reacted to the remedies with fevers, aches, coughs… nothing worked. Joanne spent majority of her time researching and looking into what’s available in the market as a cure. She came across essential oils and her life changed.

At that point in her life, Joanne was willing to try anything that was not evasive nor harmful to the body. Essential oils that you can stomach in your body, means that it’s not harmful and safe to use. You also know exactly where it is filtered from. No two batches of essential oils should ever smell the same, as it’s sourced from various farms from where it is grown. After Joanne applied oil to her daughter’s body and gave her essential oil infused supplements instead of the organic wholefood supplements she has been taking, changes were instant. Soon, the eczema faded and her daughter was on the road to recovery.

For Joanne, oils is another option for healing and wellbeing. It’s also a way to better yourself, and add more life and love to your body, covering it with what it really deserves. Having used essential oils for over eight years now, this is something Joanne swears by. Being able to apply directly on affected areas, rub it on your body, use it in diffusers; you know exactly what you are putting in your body. The aura, the changes the energy that she gives out and takes in is contagious. It’s just another way to love yourself. These smells bring back memories which floods the mind with a mixture of emotions. It’s worth a try. Just as sweating on a bike helps with fitness, the emotions are linked to smells and scents around you.

Essential oils have various healing powers. Joanne’s top picks are: Lavender which helps to improve sleep, lemongrass and cypress for dropping water retention, sandalwood/chamomile to release stress and toxins out of the body and mind.