Fitness Stretch 4 1200


Stretch Series 4

Cataline Wen

The Hip Flexor stretch

Fourth in a series of specially designed stretches from Motion Dynamics.

Dismount from the bike or do this one at home. The left knee is in a kneeling position and the other leg is in the full forward lunge position. Tilt your pelvis backwards in order to flatten the lumbar spine and to fully lengthen the psoas major and minor, our target muscles being stretched (Hip Flexors).

With a fully upright and extended spine, slowly and gently lunge forward until you feel a mild pull on the anterior lumbar spine where the psoas muscles are attached. Place the left hand on the left upper gluteus maximus or butt muscle and proceed to push the hip forward to gain a greater lengthening of the hip flexors. Hold this extended position for no longer than 2 seconds and return back to the start position. Repeat 10 times on each side.

To add an extra lengthening to the movement, as you reach forward on the side that is being stretched, you will reach the arm up to a full upward elevation in order to further increase the intra abdominal expansion and extension.

Breathing and locomotion are dependant on the flexibility and pliability of both the diaphragm and the hip flexors that are indelibly interconnected through a fascial web and the connective tissues called the crura.

A tight psoas can and often does pull the spine forward into an anterior tilted position over arching the lower lumbar spine creating pressure and weakness in the lower spinal segments. This will set off a chain reaction of poor postural habits such as forward head posture and a slumped look in the shoulders and upper back.

Remember a tight muscle is a weak muscle.
The flexibility training of these powerful anterior abdominal muscles should be performed daily whether at the Spin studio, at the office or at home.

If you want to find out more about any of these stretches or how you can better give back to your body, check out MOTION DYNAMICS or reach out directly should you need any further information to Chris Watts.